Individualized Weight Loss Program

Midtown Primary Care Doctors work with overweight patients to develop individualized weight loss programs that are based on each person’s health profile, so patients can achieve long-lasting weight loss without deprivation.

What are the benefits of individualized weight loss?

For most people, weight loss is not easy. Even when dieting and exercise help reduce weight, the results often are not long-lasting. Many researchers believe most diet and exercise plans fail to achieve long-term results because they’re based on broad premises about weight loss and the roles diet and exercise play, rather than being focused on the unique needs affecting an individual’s weight gain or loss. Individualized weight loss helps people understand why they gain weight and what they need to do to lose weight and keep it off, relying on lifestyle changes that can achieve long-term weight loss and improved health overall.

Testimonials and Reviews

This is the only doctors office that can get you in and out so quickly, I’ve been at offices for HOURS. Never here. The doctors, nurses and staff are so friendly and professional always and they go out of their way to make things work in your schedule like if you have to change your appointment.

Jaclene P.

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